Wildlife Control

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Wildlife Control

Wildlife can be beautiful from afar, but sharing quarters with wild animals is more than a hassle — it can be dangerous. Wildlife control can help if you have squirrels running around in your attic or coyotes threatening your outdoor pets. Find out more about wildlife removal services and how they compare to exterminators, so you know who to call.

What Is Wildlife Control?

Wildlife control specialists help remove wild animals from your property. They try to remove the animals humanely and relocate them to a safe environment. They also use exclusion methods to keep the pests from returning to your property. The goal is to keep everyone involved — wild animals, livestock, pets and people — safe. Many states have regulations and restrictions on control methods for some types of animals. Wildlife control professionals understand and follow those regulations closely.

Wildlife control companies often use live traps to capture animals in or near your home. This contains the animal and allows the experts to relocate them where they can live in their natural habitats away from your home. Experienced wildlife control specialists always handle animal control situations humanely, so the animals don't suffer and aren't injured during the capture and release process. They also understand special situations, such as keeping moms and babies together if your uninvited house guests give birth in your home.Once the animals are safely relocated, the experts will help you prevent future encounters with the same critters. If the animals were inside your home, this involves finding the entry point and repairing it to keep other animals out of your home.

What's the Difference Between Wildlife Control and an Exterminator?

Wildlife control typically handles larger wildlife species, such as raccoons, snakes or foxes. Exterminators or pest control companies usually focus more on common household pests like insects and small rodents. In many states, the licensing of these two types of businesses are different.

The method of handling the nuisance can also vary. While some exterminators might use methods that keep the pests alive, they often kill them to get rid of them, frequently using chemicals to do so. Wildlife control services focus on keeping the animals alive while protecting the home, business or property from future damage.

What Kinds of Situations Warrant a Call to Wildlife Control?

You can call a wildlife removal specialist whenever you have a wild animal inside your home or damaging the outside of your property. This usually includes anything outside of insects, which a pest control company typically handles. In some cases, a wild animal enters the home and is living in the attic, crawlspace or walls. Common examples include bats, raccoons, birds and squirrels.Wildlife control can also help you with wild animals outside your home that are causing damage or threatening your pets or livestock. For example, moles, groundhogs and skunks might burrow in your yard and cause damage. Coyotes sometimes attack animals you keep on your farm or pets you let outside. If you have a pond on your property, you might have issues with otters, beavers or muskrats. Wildlife professionals can help relocate these animals and help you reduce the risk of them coming back.

Who Should You Call?

Deciding whether to call a wildlife removal company or exterminator depends on what kind of infestation you have. Insects, such as roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, termites and bed bugs, fall under the exterminator umbrella. Those companies can also handle rats and mice. Any other animals generally require a wildlife control specialist. This includes bats, snakes, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, skunks and raccoons. Wildlife removal companies will also typically handle mice and rats.Some exterminators might be willing to handle a wildlife removal situation, and you might reach out to a pest control company you already use if you notice wildlife in or around your home. However, they often aren't equipped to handle the situation. They might use poison instead of traps, which can make the animal suffer or cause it to die in your home where the body is inaccessible. If you're considering a pest removal company for the job, ask them about their methods to ensure they use humane wildlife removal strategies.

Hiring a Wildlife Control Company

If you need help with wildlife control, look for a licensed specialist in your state. You can often get a referral from a local humane society or animal control agency for a reputable company. Verify that the company is insured before you hire them. It's also a good idea to get an estimate in writing with details on all the work they'll do, including how they'll repair entry points. Ask about their control methods to ensure they use humane strategies.

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